An austere life

Monday, Jun 20, 2022

The exponential surge in prices of essential commodities including fuel, mainly driven by the global economic meltdown, is predicted to stay here for at least a few months. The public outcry and protests against fuel price hikes, calling for the reversal of the decision, are understandable; however, they have negligible chances of forcing the government to reconsider its decision, given its compulsions to appease the IMF to secure loans. The dire economic situation calls for taking drastic austerity measures at an individual level to survive the severe economic shocks.

People commuting to offices may opt for carpooling or take public transport, reducing hefty oil import bills owing to less fuel demand. Buying essential commodities eats away a significant chunk of a household budget; its impact, especially in these testing times, can be partially offset by growing vegetables at home. Hard times often call for adapting to painful realities, which is necessary to survive in challenging times. It is true that the government needs to take steps to deal with the situation, but the alteration in our individual choices and living standards can also keep us afloat in the current crushing economic situation.

Asad Aziz