Adopted son of Seth Abid’s daughter turns out to be her killer

Our Correspondent
Monday, Jun 20, 2022

LAHORE: The adopted son of Farah Mazhar, the daughter of Seth Abid, turned out to be the murderer in the initial police investigations.

He reportedly confessed to his crime. He told police that he was frustrated because he wanted to marry of his choice but his mother did not agree to it.

According to details, two days back, a woman with bullet injuries in her stomach was brought to a hospital.

The staff called police. During investigations, it came out that the victim was the daughter of Seth Abid.

When police visited the crime scene, searched for it and included into investigations the employees and the son of the victim, Fahad, it turned out that it was a case of homicide and the perpetrators were trying to manipulate the crime scene as a case of suicide. Farah's son Fahad had tried to manipulate the crime scene as a suicide.

However, her other son Farid registered a murder case before police. Fahad along with his maid had hidden the gun used in the crime in kitchen. He had also hidden a handgun in other parts of house.

Man tortured to death: A man was tortured to death over a marriage dispute in the Defence C area on Sunday. The victim identified as Nazakat wanted to marry his cousin. However, he had developed differences with the girl’s family. On the day of the incident, the family in Charar Pind tortured him with cricket bat. He received injuries and died.