People to get relief in months: Kaira

Our Correspondent
Monday, Jun 20, 2022

LALAMUSA: Adviser to Prime Minister on Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Qamar Zaman Kaira has said the government will provide relief to the people in a few months.

Talking to the media at Dera Kaira on Sunday evening, he said the people of Pakistan knew about the current situation of the country and were aware of facts the government had no other choice but to take “tough” decisions.

“Inflation has increased in the country, oil prices have become unbearable and the government had to make difficult and undesirable decisions. As a result, the life of the common man, which was already bitter, has become even more bitter. We are worried about it and trying to overcome the challenges,” he added. “Imran Khan had agreed to implement IMF conditions but instead he reversed them. If he had followed the agreement, prices would not have risen so much,” he said, adding that elections would be held in August next year.

“The steps we have taken are, of course, unpopular. Pakistan is facing a difficult economic situation. People disliked our decisions and expressed their displeasure and resentment, but they did not demonstrate and protest.

The effects of the Russia-Ukraine war have begun to decrease. It will stabilise oil prices and lower commodity prices. All we have to do is to stop spending dollars. To that end, we have taken steps to reduce imports and increase exports.

We have provided facilities to farmers so that we do not have to import food items. The armed forces have also significantly reduced their spending. Imran Khan should understand that in politics there is both defeat and victory. If he can remove the coalition government in a constitutional way, he should go for it,” he added.

He said a consensus was needed on amendments that were needed to save the future of the country.

“The situation in 2008 was also dire. We were importing wheat and sugar. Within a year, we were self-sufficient in food. Asif Ali Zardari has said the PPP will form the next government. This is the prerogative of every party. We will not put all the burden on the PMLN and other allies. We are a coalition government. We are trying to share the burden,” he maintained.

Earlier, Kaira listened to grievances of people and assured them of their redress.