Hundreds of suitcases pile up at Heathrow

News Report
Monday, Jun 20, 2022

LONDON: A huge collection of luggage has been filmed piled together at Heathrow airport following an issue with the baggage system.

Passengers reported that the luggage belts were not working which led to staff having to place all the suitcases together. A Sky News reporter recorded the scene as she left Heathrow's Terminal 2 and said, "The warning signs that all was not well were clear at baggage claim.”

"There were clusters of suitcases without owners grouped around various conveyor belts. I wondered where the owners were." She went on to describe the "crazy mass" of suitcases that filled the pavement outside, which she described as looking "like an enormous luggage carpet". She added that it did appear to be organised.

One passenger described the scene as "utter bedlam" on Twitter. Another tweeted, "#heathrow bag drop completely down across the airport. No check in luggage going on any planes. And security queues stretching outside the entrance to the airport."

Another traveller who did already have their luggage shared a video showing the huge collection of suitcases waiting to be collected. The traveller shared the video on Twitter and called the situation a "s*** show."

A Heathrow spokesperson said, “Earlier today there was a technical issue with the Terminal 2 baggage system which has now been resolved. Passengers are now able to check-in as normal, but a number of passengers who departed from Terminal 2 earlier today may have travelled without their luggage.

"We are working closely with airlines to reunite passengers with their luggage as soon as possible. We’re sorry there’s been disruption to passenger journeys.”