Review LG law to avoid political unrest, Ismail advises Sindh govt

Our Correspondent
Friday, Jan 14, 2022

Governor Imran Ismail has appealed to the provincial government to review the recently adopted Sindh Local Government (Amendment) Act 2021 in consultation with all the concerned stakeholders to avoid the situation of political unrest in the province.

Ismail offered the advice to the provincial government on Thursday while talking to the media on his visit to the shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi in Clifton to distribute blankets among people. The Sindh governor noted that all the opposition political parties in the province have termed the LG bill a black law. He said it seems to him that the Sindh government has made an attempt to usurp the municipal agencies of Karachi through the bill.

Referring to the opposition political parties agitating against the bill, he said the situation will worsen if the Sindh government does not agree to hold talks with the concerned stakeholders to review the bill.

Street crime

Answering a question about the killings due to recurring street crime incidents in Karachi, the Sindh governor said the lawlessness cannot be prevented until the provincial capital is transformed into a modern smart city.

He said that latest technology needs to be deployed to check the activities of criminal elements because the deployment of police officials in every street and alley of the city to prevent the occurrence of crime is simply out of the question.

He also said that modern technological methods should be used against criminals, adding that the provincial government should give due attention to transforming Karachi into a smart city as soon as possible.

Ismail also asked the Sindh government to take action against hoarders and black marketers to ensure fair distribution of wheat in the best interest of the people of the province.