New US ambassador bringing heavy agenda to Islamabad

Muhammad Saleh Zaafir
Thursday, Jan 20, 2022

ISLAMABAD: US ambassador-designate to Pakistan Donald Armin Blome has completed all formalities for proceeding to Islamabad, bringing a heavy agenda, and he will be here in the second half of February while Pakistan’s ambassador designated for the United States Sardar Masood Khan will be in Washington during the same days to take charge of his mission. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcett, who has been appointed ambassador to India by the United States, would also be traveling during the same days for assuming his office in New Delhi.

The posting and assuming of new envoys in the region will generate big diplomatic activity. Eric Garcett was tipped as a contender for Presidential race, but he has accepted the diplomatic assignment that indicates the significance the US attached to its ties with India.

A high-profile visit from Pakistan will also take place in early third week of February as the visitor will have conspicuously significant meetings during his stay. The visit is being arranged in the days when Munich Security Conference (MSC) by German government is being hosted. Its annual feature but it couldn’t take place due to corona pandemic for two last consecutive years.

Well-placed diplomatic sources told The News that a full-fledged US ambassador to Pakistan will be assuming the mission after gap of five years.It indicates the United States has planned to engage the region on a larger scale and with more seriousness. It is understood that the United States' interest in Afghanistan has been marginalized but it wouldn’t allow international terror groups to find safe havens in that country again. Washington has its own designs about the region. Pakistan is willing to work with the US provided it doesn’t interfere in its ties with other countries of the region.

The new US ambassador is bringing a heavy agenda with him, including asking for action against the terrorists irrespective of their identity. Donald Armin Blome has already made it clear that he will push Islamabad to target all terrorist groups without distinction.

The TTP and Kashmiri Mujahideen would be his targeted entities. During his testimony, Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC), ambassador Blome extensively spelled out his plans about Pakistan.