The rising women

Zahra Khalid
Tuesday, Sep 20, 2022

In many societies around the world, women have been treated in manners contradicting the stature of humanity, stripped of their basic human rights, and humiliated seclusion of women. This not only propagating human values and social value culture that is at par with international human right norms, but also, creating such platforms where women of depressed societies are given a chance to explore their leadership opportunities and empowering women for the development of women’s political and socioeconomic equity stature the-one voice for social change.

How the women in the west rose up?

In the western world, the political, social, and intellectual feminist movements advocated for their place in the sun such as Corday was only women to seize the French Revolution for equality and as an opportunity for thriving. In seventeenth century, England women were a powerful presence in what was known as the Midland Revolt. Women in the Victorian era wield the scepter the right to vote, legal recognition of women right’s and participated in the paid workforce following the Industrial Revolution. By 1848, Seneca Falls Convention began wave to the cause of equality for women outlining the new movement’s ideology and political strategies. In the mid-90s, the New Left concentrated on the rise of equal rights amendment, breeding rights guaranteeing social rights and term eco-feminism, to capture the sense that because of their biological connection to earth and lunar cycles, women dwelled as natural advocates of environmentalism. In the development of Communist thought longstanding American activist and feminist, Angela Davis, played key role. The Russian Revolution in 1917 a reflection on the role of women revolutionaries under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin in support of full equality between men and women.

These rising outstanding woman had a strong connection and engagement with the greater vision for community, a passion for contributing toward social change which demonstrates leadership and be consequence of education with learning. A woman intellect should be as well succeed as of man to excel equally noble in equal capacity.

Limitations and Revolutionary Changes in presynaptic era:

The age of blackness, inhumanity, and unawareness in the pre-Islamic era when the deliberate killing of newborn female child was the practice inclusive of dropping them in ardent spirits, tossed off the steep cliffs and verb abandon infants in the woods for wild animals.

William Montgomery Watt stated that, “Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), in the historical context of his time, can be seen as a figure that promoted women’s rights and improved things considerably”. Islam has empowered women and the right to education 1400 years ago, taught that men and women are equal, enlightened the world the true value of women and thus raised the status of women like never before. Part of Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) legacy was to end female infanticide and establish explicit rights for women, to acquire knowledge. As it may be anachronistic to state that Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was a feminist in our contemporary sense.

Educate a women, educate a nation. Intellectual revolution is the recipe of rising women for socio-political, ethical, moral, and conventional values. Currently, Pakistan has the world’s second-highest number of out-of-school children whose educational systems considered inadequate with the estimated literacy rate of 54.9%. Socio-economic status and cultural demand-side disparities based on gender hamper desertion in particularly adolescent girls. Institutional placements necessitate girls’ education and professional support with job security such as in South Asia Region a Bangladesh’s harmonising and prioritizing girl’s education to leverage the better-educated female labour force as the first vital step to economic development.

How to empower women? And efforts to eliminate Violence, strategies to reduce Conflict and Fragility?

Chaos bring destruction to the social and ideological turmoil, where women become absurd and rhetoric torso who cannot bring different skills with qualities to the household. Historical precedence disport women where she become solicited. The educated pool of women is the only profound asset to enhance socioeconomic women empowerment for equal opportunities. Women play role in the condition of violence, conflict and fragility. All these factors stop women for a role in influencing to become productive and being in so many things. Due to trespassing of combative role in Pakistan the implications of gender inequality and subdue the role of institutions. Since the inception of Pakistan, this year celebrated 75th platinum jubilee of independence but still women and girls in Pakistan bearing the brunt of the humanitarian catastrophe, political instability and insurgent terrorism on women and girls in Kashmir.

When it comes to Pakistan, I must jot down that the inequality trends of violence, conflict and fragility shifts for the productivity probable only when there’s education progressivity of redistribution through government. This is how power can be used to tackle a do able plan for women’s liberation. Pakistan must be aware that it’s biggest pool of talent is its educated women to the goal of vision “The Rising Pakistan”. Unleashing and harnessing the power for the betterment of society on the sidelines of all political hue and cry within a country. Only “The Rising Women” is the panacea for the ailments of social fabric.

So, what could we cultivate to be the rising women for the tangible South Asia union, placement in the western world as well globally and have shoulder to shoulder-be sure that women’s one?

Writer is an activist, research fellow for Advocacy & Communication in the Think Tank of Pakistan.