Inflated bills

Monday, Sep 26, 2022

An alarming increase in power prices has created problems for the residents of Karachi. On top of it, the residents also have to deal with prolonged loadshedding. In some areas, electricity remains out for about 8-12 hours. At the end of the month, people have to deal with another shock of inflated bills. Even low-paid people have to cover bills up to Rs10,000. The government has increased the power prices in the name of fuel adjustment charges and municipal taxes, besides increasing the per unit cost.

The Ministry of Energy should shift power generation to renewable resources to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign fuel. This step will prevent the people from being burdened by the weight of the rising cost of electricity. Until then campaigns on the national level must be designed to educate people about the ways through which they can reduce their electricity consumption.

Syeda Munazza Batool