Iran rebuts AFP story

News Desk
Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Iran has rebutted an AFP news story with Tehran dateline titled ‘Iran arrests Khamenei’s niece for condemning regime: brother’ published in The News on Nov 28 (Monday).

In a press statement, Iranian Embassy in Pakistan on Wednesday strongly rejected the news items contents saying that false and baseless claims have been made against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The embassy said that the story cited unauthentic and unreliable sources, adding that such content has no place in the Iranian nation because it clearly shows that the author is biased, and - knowingly or unknowingly - acts along with the goals of the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Unfortunately, despite the emphasis of the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the causes and follow-up details of the death of Ms Mahsa Amini, the publication procedure on this subject has completely been based on the western media and their approach and the propaganda networks working against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s system,” the embassy statement said.

“The content of the said news item is completely in line with the direction of oppressive policies of the United States of America, the Zionist regime and some other countries; active against the Iranian nation and in the framework of creating instability in the country. The above news item is full of biased and false accusations and false labels against the people’s system of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” it added.