Speakers call for equal participation of women in workforce

Our Correspondent
Wednesday, Feb 01, 2023

Karachi: Speakers at the 11th International Women Leaders Summit on Tuesday stressed the need for equal participation of women in the workforce, including leadership roles in the public and private sectors, to ensure gender equality and women empowerment. The conference was organised by New World Concepts.

In her keynote speech, Devrim Erol from Turkey called for promoting inclusiveness in the workforce by including more women. “We need more women in schools, companies, the public sector, associations, assemblies, and at international forums.”

She was of the view that leaders are the ones who understand and believe in gender equality, which is very vital and crucial. She asked the female participants to trust themselves and their abilities, and the women’s power.

“I stopped buying things from some well-known brands and try to buy everything from young women entrepreneurs because they’re doing something good and waiting to be discovered by others and get your support.”

She said men should also be trained in sharing household responsibilities, and women should first train their sons on how they can help them at home. She added that her son and his wife share the responsibilities of their children and their house.

Major General Dr Areeba Choudhry of the Pakistan Army Medical Corps shared her experience of performing duties in the face of severe challenges, both personal and professional. “I’m proud to have served the country, and look back at my time in the army with a sense of pride,” she said, adding that she had the support of her husband and parents throughout her career.

She also said that in every single province she served, she tried to address women’s health and educational inequalities. “As women leaders we must groom other women leaders and be a beacon of hope for others. We must prioritise inclusion of women leaders when we are at the helm.”

Yasmin Hyder, chief executive officer of New World Concepts, said the conference was aimed at making women draw inspiration from global and Pakistani leaders, and overcome the stereotypical barriers which restrict their growth, and provide them with a forum for dynamic female leaders, entrepreneurs, opinion makers in the region to explore their potential, share their success and inspire many more to take their lead.

Abdul Samad Dawood, vice chair of the Dawood Hercules Corporation; Naz Khan, principal country officer of the International Finance Corporation; and others also spoke on the occasion.

There were also panel discussions where speakers from different firms shared their success stories of women leaders. The conference was attended by foreign diplomats, renowned women entrepreneurs, and heads of bilateral trade associations and teams from the World Bank Group.